The sigh you give before you start yelling….

So I wasn’t going to write today, as I didn’t want to increase expectations that I would write all the time…..

But I felt the need to share…..

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen.  I was so smug.  It positively sparkled.  Having builders here all week, working, running the kids around for school and clubs, and helping Hubby with his business, means the kitchen isn’t as always tidy as it should be.  So it was nice to give it a good scrub.

Plus I knew I wanted to start my blog and needed the more pressing things off my list of things to do, so I could enjoy plunging back in to the online world.

So this morning I went upstairs to put away the four loads of washing and ironing I had done yesterday (another smug moment). Whilst up there, of course, I rinsed the bath out that someone had forgotten to do, I picked up the bed clothes off the floor and found some more washing (ARGH!) and then I ventured back downstairs.

I had left the other 3 members of the household unsupervised. Well 5 members if you count the dog and the hamster, but the dog is too short and the hamster alibied out as she was upstairs with me.  Now I know what is crossing your mind. How could she do that, leave them alone in a clean kitchen, doesn’t she know any better, what was she thinking!!!

messYou know that deep, deep sigh that you give and the just audible “FOR **** SAKE” that you mutter before you start yelling.  It’s a universal mother sigh, to be heard in all homes, all over the world, every day. The endlessness of dealing with the same messes, the same pile of washing, etc, etc, again and again and again.

Now I am not a stupid woman, but I just don’t understand.  I had left them for 20 minutes maximum.  How can this happen in 20 minutes.  I don’t think I could even make such a disaster, in 20 minutes, if I tried.

I didn’t hear an explosion and I don’t believe in spontaneous combustion.

And the other thing I can’t understand is the look of bewilderment on the faces of the accused when you start screaming like a banshee. How can they not understand why I would be cross!!

Well thank goodness I now have my blog back, so I can rant and rave, vent and release and know that there are others out there that understand and feel my pain. And breathe…….


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