Small Half-Finished House

There are advantages and disadvantages of living in a very small half-finished house at this time of the year.

  1. Doesn’t take me long to clean from the top of the house to the bottom…. but it never looks pristine clean as there is nothing much you can do with half built walls, plasterboard and builder damaged floors…sigh…


  1. We don’t keep crap, because we have no place to store stuff. This means I have become very good at getting rid of stuff we don’t need and this soothes my control freak nature.  But it does mean that it is IMPOSSIBLE to hide Santa’s Christmas presents, especially as Baby Girl doesn’t seem to have an awareness of other people’s personal spaces or stuff – everywhere and everything is her’s apparently.  At the moment, I have presents squirreled in the boot of the car, coat pockets, handbags, suitcases and balanced precariously behind my rack of clothes.  I must remember to move everything to the shed this Friday morning – before the kids finish school – because it will totally destroy the Santa belief if Baby Girl sees me scurrying around the house on Christmas eve.  Disadvantage of no walls or doors upstairs – I can’t lock the kids away at night.


  1. As the kids have no real bedroom, more like a shared corridor (no walls or doors remember), it means that they are mostly downstairs with us. This is good because even though they may be plugged into their various electronic devices, I can keep an eye on what they are doing and it also means that they talk to us about what they are doing.  So, that’s good…. but sometimes it would be nice if they would just not be in there with us…sometimes you know…when you can’t listen or answer any questions or you know, be a parent anymore today!!!!


  1. 20161202_215739In the summer, I had a lovely time sewing in my new huge loft bedroom. It was great – very bright, spacious and peaceful.  It didn’t matter that I dropped bits of cotton on the floor, as the floor is not carpeted yet and I could spread the fabric out to cut it out. Now it is winter though and the loft has no heating or lighting yet, therefore I have had to move my sewing down stairs. Sigh, there are 4 of us and the dog in a 2 room downstairs area – so spreading out fabric isn’t an option most nights.  I did get one chance when Hubby was out last week and I commandeered the loungeroom floor and banned the children to the kitchen – it wasn’t as peaceful as the loft though – come back Summer soon please….


  1. And lastly because the house is so small, it doesn’t take much to decorate for 20161211_213707Christmas – pretty much all we need is a tree and to stick the Christmas cards up and we are overflowing Christmassy. It just happens that Baby Girl has also just turned 11, so we also have the birthday balloons, birthday banners and birthday cards up. The floor is covered in pine needles and the stringy silver stuff the kids insist on using on the tree – that never stays on the tree.  It’s just very, very, very messy and cluttered and oh just messy, messy, messy – did I say that already?  But it is just so very messy and it gets worse on Christmas day when there is wrapping paper and presents everywhere and they insist on keeping their presents downstairs as they don’t have their own rooms…

Remind me again the advantages of living in a small half-finished house, I do know there are some, and I really, really do love my little house and I do know that one day it may be finished but this time of year it does push my PYSCHO WOMAN buttons.   HO HO HO Happy Christmas…..


That ONE Present Shopper!

I had to go to the shops today.  I don’t like going to the shops.  Too many people at the shops, especially at this time of the year.

I prefer internet shopping.  Internet shopping is quiet and peaceful and then a nice post person brings it to your door, so civilised.

skipperxmasBut alas there are somethings that you cannot get on the internet.  I did try but when I searched “a big bag of tatty crap suitable for 10-year-old girl stocking fillers” – nothing came up.  That meant it was off to “Poundland” (cheap shop with things for sale for £1.00) for me.  AND I was informed yesterday by said 10-year-old, that there will be 2 x new stockings hanging up this year – one for the dog and one for the hamster – Sigh.

Anyway people, I am warning you, if you haven’t already braved it – it’s a WARZONE out there.  Screaming babies, toddlers running wildly yelling “But I WANT it!!!”  and so many, many, many people.  Chaos people, its chaos!

As I was walking around laden with all my bags, I kept seeing these other mountain like mounds of shopping bags, moving from shop to shop.  If you look closely at these mounds you can see the strained and panicked eyes of someone who is in charge of “Doing” Christmas.  The one person in the house that has to “Deck the Halls” – which means clean, decorate, shop, wrap, post, shop, prepare, cook and then clean again.

Then I saw the other type of person walking around the shopping centre.  These people usually have one little bag, maybe also a roll of wrapping paper.  Even possibly, they may have a nice warming cup of coffee and a lovely sandwich.  But more noticeable is their smug and satisfied look.  That’s it they have finished their Christmas shopping, all done, nothing more to do – the kids will wrap it.  See that wasn’t hard!!

These people are the other people that live in a house with those mounds of shopping bag people.  They are the ones that say “So what did WE buy such and such…”, “Did WE send a card to my cousin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother?”  and “Are WE cooking parsnips for Christmas lunch?”

These people have 1 job.  To buy the shopping bag mound person a present.  1 job and 1 job only.

And boy oh boy, they better put a bit more effort than last year, which was a last-minute dash around the supermarket on Christmas Eve.  A little bit of thought, love and appreciation is required.

Or this moving mountain of shopping bags person is going to cancel Christmas next year. Bah Humbug!