OMG!!! BFF!!!! :) :) :)

bffSo my drama queen of a 10 year old daughter came home from school, very distressed, saying her and her best friend forever had “Broken Up.”



I tried to get out of her what had happened, but she wasn’t really sure.  I spoke to the best friend’s mum and apparently they weren’t sure either.


So anyway they eventually got to chatting on my Facebook messenger and they were

BFF’s all over again.


They had to pretend that they weren’t friends, because the girls they had gone to play with, after they had broken up, would be upset.

Are you getting a headache yet?  Because it certainly gave me one, trying to figure it all out.

Why do they make it so complicated, why did they get into this mess in the first place?

When I get together with my friends, we are so grateful to just have the time in our hectic lives to see each other, we couldn’t even begin to play silly games.  I have friends that I see every day, every couple of months and even not for years (see you in August Oz friends :) ), but I know they all know I love them dearly and am sincerely thankful for them. And we have so many more pressing problems in our lives, that creating problems with our friends doesn’t even cross our minds.  My friends are there to share and commiserate with about the “joys” that is a busy life with children.

So it did cross my mind, that maybe if I dumped a whole load of problems on my daughter, she will be so grateful for her friends and she would stop playing silly complicated games.  But that would be bad parenting…wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I had a chat to her this evening and asked her how it was all going.  She said it was great to be back with her BFF, but the other two girls were sad.

I said why didn’t they all just play together.

I was promptly scowled at and told that it doesn’t work like that and I just didn’t understand Junior School friendships.

So I scowled back at her and said yes I did understand, but as a mother it is my duty to try and help her and teach her about grown up friendships.

She stomped off, with a flick of her hair and said she didn’t want grown up friendships, she wanted complicated, confusing Junior School friendships.

Well that told me then didn’t it.  So next time she turns up after school all upset, I will not be adding her problems to mine, she’s on her own because I have enough issues to be dealing with and hers hurt my head too much!

Thank goodness I am not a 10 year old girl at school and thank goodness for my lovely friends, what would I do without them and I know that one day my little drama queen will be the same…one day….


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