It really suxs being 11

Voiced by Baby G20170429_173851irl

So at the moment it really suxs being me.

The teachers at school are being so mean and making us do these awful tests. I know that they don’t really mean anything to me, as I will be tested straight away again when I get to Senior School in September. So why are they being so intense about them and why are they so mean.

They are making us learn really boring stuff like Modal Verbs and Subordinate Conjunctions and even mummy doesn’t know what they are and she has an English Literature Degree.

AND THAT’s all we are learning – stuff for the tests!  I love Art and we haven’t done that ALL year!

Plus, the teachers keep saying how it’s going to be harder in Senior School and there will be more homework in Senior School and we will get in big trouble if we behave wrong in Senior School – as if I am not scared enough about changing schools as it is.

Then all this stuff is happening with my body and things hurt and things are changing, so I am all embarrassed and it’s all just yuk.  Plus, sometimes I am really angry and sometimes I am really tired and sometimes I want to cry and it’s just awful.  And all the other girls are feeling like that too – so it doesn’t make it very fun in the playground if we are all emotional and don’t know why or what’s happening.

The whole friendship things suxs the big one too.  We are stuck in the same class with say 15 girls all day every day and we have to be BFFs (Best Friends Forever) and we are emotional and don’t understand.  It’s not like grownups who go to work and be polite to their workmates then go out and meet up with their real friends later.  We have to be BFFs and even mummy and daddy can’t spend 6 hours a day every day with each other without getting a little irritated.  Girls are so mean and complicated – it’s just awful.

Then I can’t decide what to wear – do I wear my cute little girl clothes that mummy wants me to wear or do I wear my comfy leggings with the hole in and the stained One D shirt or do I try to go grown up and trendy and wear short, short shorts and a midriff t-shirt.  So, I try everything on and they end up in a big pile on the floor of my room and then mummy yells at me and then I put them all in the wash and then mummy yells at me. It’s all so confusing.

OMG it’s all so intense – it really suxs being 11.


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