I Have Stopped Fighting With My Daughter!

Sorry I didn’t write last week.  I went to the Pub!  Yes, I know – I was shocked myself.  I went out on a school night to A PUB.  But it’s alright I only drank tea 😊.  I met up with some girlfriends.  We used to meet up in the day, but as our children have got older, we have all got busier – so it has to be at NIGHT TIME and at a PUB.  And it was lovely.

To think that when I was living and working in London, I was out EVERY night.  How did I do that? How did I afford it?  How was I not exhausted?

Yes, I know the answer – children and age.  Sigh…..

Anyway, this week I wanted to tell you something.

I have stopped fighting with my daughter.

Well, not about everything, just about her mess and her diet.

Firstly, her diet.  She is a grazer – all day nibbling at things.  Drives me nuts!  And a lot of it is crap.  But, also a lot of it is fruit and vegetables.  It made me so very, very cross.

Then we went to the orthodontist and he remarked that her teeth were immaculate.  I was shocked, considering the amount of sweets, chocolate and other crap that she somehow gets her hand on.  Then I noticed that she actually has been eating all her dinner and I have also noticed that she does not sit down. Ever!!  She is either cartwheeling, hand standing, balleting or something.  Plus, she does 2 x intense ballet classes a week and is growing healthily at a rate of knots.

So, I stopped yelling at her about her eating and just let her get on with.  Yes, she does eat crap, but she cleans her teeth VERY well.  And she does eat a huge amount of good stuff too.  And yes, she is a fussy eater, but I just leave the sauce off or chuck some chicken nuggets in the oven instead of chicken pie etc.  I am sure that when it comes to her first date with a boy, she will be too embarrassed to order chicken nuggets and chips!

Now this is her mess.


I used to scream at her everyday to tidy it up and when she didn’t do it, I would tidy it and then I would get resentful and then even more cross when it was back to the same state within half an hour.

To be fair the poor girl has no room of her own, she shares a corridor with her brother and has her stuff outside of the bathroom because of our building work.  So, she is frustrated.

Then I got really busy with work, new business and study, and I stopped yelling at her about it. I have got used to pretending that it is even there. I am getting good at just glazing my eyes over it.

I also know it’s not MY mess and my friends know that I didn’t make that mess, so I am not embarrassed anymore.

And do you know what…We are getting on really, really, really well.  I mean, I actually like her.  And I even enjoy her company.  We are so much more relaxed with each other.  I still yell at her if she is rude, mean, disrespectful or if it’s to do with school work, but mostly we just get along.  It’s been absolutely lovely and a revelation.

Plus, I absolutely love, love, love it when she comes down stairs and states “I can’t find…….”  And I just say “Oh dear!” and get on with what I am doing.  I love, love that smug feeling I get!


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