Leaping Into The Unknown


Before Christmas and all the drama that ensued, I signed up to do a Social Media Management course and I also started up a little business with a friend.

It’s been a bit slow to get off the ground, as so much happened over Christmas, but I can happily say we now have 5 good clients and 2 new ones just about to join us.  We are doing this on top of our day jobs – we both just need a bit of extra money and wanted a whole lot of learning and excitement and new strings to our bows.

It’s frightening what you can jam into just a day – running our company, looking after Hubby’s company, working, studying, helping my mum move countries, rebuilding our house and of course all the kids/house/life stuff.  But I have always enjoyed a challenge – just don’t mention that I haven’t brushed my hair or that the floors of my house are a little bit crunchy when you walk on them.

So, what are we doing????  It all started with Hubby’s company – he wanted to get some more clients, and also to steer the company to more project management, rather than just fixing.  I started fiddling with his LinkedIn and created a webpage, Facebook page and Twitter account.  He has since got a big new client and lots of interest – so really chuffed.  Then Baby Girl’s dance teacher needed help – so I set up her Facebook page.  Anyway, it has just gone on from there.  We are helping very small local businesses to get on Social Media and to manage and post for them.  It’s so much fun.

We are helping electricians, builders, hairdressers etc.  We are not a big advertising company, we are just two mums who know a bit of techy geek stuff and know how to write nice stuff and choose nice pictures.  Well it’s a bit more complicated than that, but you get the gist.

We are helping the people that just really don’t have the time to post and fiddle and twiddle on Social Media.  They have usually spent all day doing what they have to do and then the last thing they want to do when they get home is sort out their social media.  We also help those people that don’t want to know about techy social media stuff (…. Hubby….) or the ones that are frightened of it all.  We are also helping the companies that don’t have huge advertising budgets, but are just surviving month to month – just like us.  So, it’s all very local and relatable.

Our lovely hairdresser, brought her gorgeous little girl to our first meeting and my partner promptly went and found all her daughter’s dolls for her to play with.  We like a happy meeting 😊

It’s all very exciting, but I must say it’s quite daunting to put yourself out into the real world and sell yourself.  I am more hide behind my computer screen and my written word kinda girl.  Luckily my lovely partner is a great saleswoman, so we make a great team.

Do you know what I like about it?  I like seeing the real results – the “likes”, retweets and comments.  It’s an immediate pat on the back for the work you have put in.  I also like when a client is happy and they are seeing results.  It’s nice to help people.

So yes, I am busy, but I’m using my creative techy geeky side of my brain and I am making a little bit of extra money and learning so much – love learning new stuff.  I am a happy, if somewhat tired woman.

So, if you want to see and maybe like or follow or even comment, please do, we would love you to join us on Social media.  So wish us luck on our endeavour and if you know anyone that needs a bit of social media help and loving send them our way 😊.








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