I Said NO

giphyI say NO in a loud Australian accent to my kids ALL THE TIME, constantly.  Do they listen. NO!

But when it comes to other people – I am not very good at saying no.  If it involves work or helping someone, then I can’t seem to say it.  It automatically comes out as a YES!

Recently a lovely lady at work asked me to take on a new task.  And with everything happening in my life at the moment, I was reluctant, but as usual I said yes.

I shouldn’t of.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been finishing work really late and I have been in a permanent state of panic.  And then I made some mistakes.  I don’t like making mistakes – it makes me nauseous even thinking about making mistakes.

Eventually I had to admit to myself I wasn’t coping at all, not even a little bit.  I had to write an email and say NO.

It hurt.  I was letting them down.  I was pulling out.  I felt absolutely dreadful.

But I have made the right decision.  Today was the first day without the extra task and I have lost the swirly feeling in my tummy.  And I might, just might, even get to lie on the sofa and watch some of the hundreds of TV shows I have recorded, that I haven’t had a chance to watch since before Christmas.

I think I need to say NO more.  But I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t run around like a mad thing all day every day.  If I said NO I would be very relaxed and chilled out and sit on the sofa a lot and that just wouldn’t be right.

But I will consider my answers from now on and will weigh up just exactly how much time I have available before I promise anything.  Mainly because I could end up even crazier than I am now and that would scare the children.


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