Love from Mum

mum1Today has been an emotional day.  Tears have been streaming all day and that’s unusual for me as I am a bit of a hard nut.  And it’s also made working at the computer all day a bit blurry!  Not good.

But the reason is that my mum has booked her flight to come over here for good.  I think I have been holding everything in and together until I knew that it was really going to happen.  Can’t imagine what it’s actually going to be like at the airport – I am expecting floods.

So, I thought I would let my mum guest post on my blog today.  This is an email she sent out today to all her friends and probably what set my tears off.

Love from Mum

The last two months —what a drama, a catastrophe, a kerfuffle, a chaos and an altogether life changing experience. I have been through many stages – loneliness, indecision, panic, tiredness, lethargy, self-doubting, worried, confused and bamboozled.

The garage sales were successful, irritating and exhausting–the house looked like a bomb had hit it with (treasures, possessions, clutter, crap -take your pick) everywhere. Then it was mostly all gone and the remainder sent to Animal Welfare (picked up in a truck) bless them.

The next step was to get the house ready for inspection. Well that was an adventure to say the least. More decluttering, scrubbing, bleaching, painting, sawing, hammering, washing curtains, plugging up millions of picture holes in the walls and making the house beautiful for the photographer. Friends were amazing, energetic, practical and supportive. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to everyone— you know who you are.

Finally, with only one minor hiccup, the house was sold due to a mammoth effort from my estate agent, and the next stage is slowly getting under way. I have to get boxes to go on the ship, sell the remaining furniture (house sale on Saturday -7.00 to 1.00), get the dog her rabies shot and her dog box to practice sleeping in, get my flu shot and history from the doctor, decide what to pack in the boxes , what to discard and what to pack in my one suitcase to last me at least a couple of months, book my ticket, finalise the bills etc. and of course play a bit of golf and have a farewell party. Writing this down gives me a shock –but it will get done somehow. I plan to leave on the 12th of April and be in time for Easter in England.  Springtime in Southampton??? Flowers, sunshine and family or maybe rain, cold and family. Whatever– I will be there.

Love to everyone –come and see me sometime–Betty Lou.  


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