Waiting for the Hiccup

Lean really close to the screen, because I want to tell you something, but I don’t want to jinx it…. So, it’s just a secret between you and me, okay?

Everything is going very well at the moment…. Manic busy and everything balanced precariously, but everything is slotting into place.

My mum has had a bidding war on the sale of her house and signed a contract for more than the asking price and will be here by Easter!!!!

She said to me that she keeps waiting for the hiccup, that it has all gone too well and was too easy.

That made me take a step back.  Why does she expect a hiccup?  She has worked day and night, so very, very hard to get everything ready for the sale.  Of course, it should go right, she has put everything in place for it to go right.

giphyBut I do know what she means.  I am in a permanent Ninja pose, ready to tackle the next thing that is thrown our way to disrupt the flow of life.

Why do we do that? Why do we expect the worse to happen? Why are we so tense?

I was chatting to the ladies I am doing my course with and I admitted that I had gone ahead in the planned weeks study.  I do this just to make sure that if anything does happen, I will have some leeway.  I can’t help myself, I am mentally preparing for something disastrous to happen.

There have been some things thrown at us previously that maybe would give us this attitude – Dad being bitten by a snake at Christmas, being one of them.  But in reality, mostly life just ticks along.  I need to stop living in a sense of panic and chill out.

  1. Normally – bad things don’t happen
  2. Normally – things work out
  3. We only get the normal amount of difficulties that most people deal with
  4. Any bad thing that has happened, we have coped with and sorted out

But because I work so hard to keep everything sorted and ahead of schedule, that is why we can handle the bad things when they do happen.  I am that calm looking duck on the pond, who’s little feet are paddling away furiously underneath.

But I do think I need to relax my ninja pose somewhat.  I also need tell Mum to take a deep breath and try not to expect those hiccups.  I know if they do happen, we can handle them without even breaking into a sweat, because we have done it before!


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