Toilet Roll Mystery

I have been struggling over the last week trying to come up with something to write.  My last posts have been so emotional and a bit epic, that I feel a bit drained by it all.  And I am so insanely busy at the moment….so busy that I haven’t put the clothes washing away and Hubby had a meltdown because he couldn’t find clean jeans!  Hahahaha!!! Bothered?  Nope!!

But there has been something mysterious going on whilst I have been running around being insanely, chicken with its head off, busy.  WE RAN OUT OF TOILET ROLLS!!!  I HAD TO GO TO THE SHOP!!!!

Now dear, dear readers you will know from reading ALL my previous posts (you have, haven’t you?), that I don’t like going to the shops.  It’s all a bit too peopley at the shops.  So, over the years I have got my household shopping down to a fine art.  I order online once a week (Sunday evening) and the delivery comes on Monday morning.  I have enough food to last the whole week – because I plan my meals for every day.  Yes, yes, yes, we all know I am a control freak.

Well, I also have toiletries planned and timed perfectly.  I know that 1 big packet of toilet rolls will last us 2 weeks and a bit.  Every 2 weeks I automatically get another pack.  So, to run out – well that is completely unheard of.  I was completely flummoxed. How could this happen in my well-ordered life?

I had noticed that the rolls were a little bit looser on the toilet roll holder. I decided to go off to investigate this mystery.

20170215_201403You are not going to believe it people – really you are not.  They have increased the diameter of the cardboard roll in the middle.  So…wait for it…. you get less toilet paper!!! Now why would you do this.  I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

Then I realised that the price of the toilet paper had not gone up.  Therefore, to cover their increasing costs (?) they have increased the inner roll and dropped the amount of toilet paper.  I can see their flawed logic behind this, but really do they think this is the best solution.

Why muck up peoples perfectly planned lives to save putting a products price up.  Surely the reconfiguration of the machine to make the bigger rolls would have cost a bit. Was it worth it? We all know that the price of things go up – JUST PUT THE PRICE UP.

Don’t mess with my head – it’s already too messy as it is.


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