Abandoning My Children

img_1628I think I have only left my children overnight once with Hubby.  I went to a lovely wedding in Scotland.  I think that I spent weeks preparing for it.  The right food in the fridge – the stuff you can just put in the oven and know everyone will eat.  The right activities planned to keep everyone occupied and happy. House clean, tidy, clothes washed, ironed – everything done.

This time I left them for nearly 3 weeks to go home to Australia because of my Dad (see last week’s post) and I only had 3 hours notice!  In that time, I had to pack, find passports, find all the Christmas presents from Santa, sort into 2 x black bin bags and hide them in the shed, shower, get dressed and go!

So, the house was not clean and tidy and the clothes were not washed and ironed.  There were no activities planned.  The fridge was full of fresh food, for cook from scratch recipes.

Hubby was in for an exciting time!

As a control freak it is a huge thing to have to hand over the reins to someone for so long, with no preparation.  But there was nothing I could do about, nothing I could say and I just had to go.  There was so much happening in Australia, that I really didn’t have time or the heart to even think about what was going on at home.  I had to trust and I had to let go of those reins.

And they survived and so did I.

They were a little feral – overtired and full of sugar, badly dressed.  But they were semi-clean and the house was clean and the washing was done.

Things were a little untidy and I am still finding stuff that was put back in the wrong place.

The fridge was full of junk food and oven food.  But it had food in it.

Not bad Hubby, not bad at all!

Were they glad to see me – oh yes.  Do they like being back to Mummy routine – oh yes.  Have they forgotten completely all their gratefulness that I was back and have started taking advantage of Mummy again – oh yes.

But I am grateful for the experience of abandoning my children – I am glad we all just got on and dealt with it all.  I am also grateful that I got to spend some time with my sister, mother and family as a grown up with no kids – that was quite nice and something I could do again (but not for the same reason of course.)

And I have a new threat to yell at the children when they are driving me mad – “DO YOU WANT ME TO GO AWAY AGAIN!”  Works a treat!


2 thoughts on “Abandoning My Children

  1. That’s why I disappear for a few nights every summer and leave Jamie to deal with the kids and now dogs. Jamie is so proud of the fact he manages to heat up meals I left in the freezer or takes them the MacDonalds for dinner. He manages to do a little washing and is so chuffed with what he does. The fact that I could do that and more in a single morning goes completely unnoticed. The kids are pleased when I come home for at least a few hours before the whining starts


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