Little Bits of Things

20161130_130016A miracle happened last night.  I finished the shampoo and conditioner AT THE SAME TIME.  That has never happened – EVER.  It is quite fortuitous, as I am changing brands.  I would have been in complete bits if there was a bit left of the old shampoo or conditioner.  I couldn’t mix types – so I think I would have had to waste some and that would have hurt.  It is so hard being a control freak sometimes.

I hate little bits of things.  The worst is when you make a cup of tea and you put the milk in and there is only a tiny dreg of milk left in the bottle.  You know that if you put the bottle back in the fridge nobody else will use it, they will just go straight for the full new bottle, so it will be left and ignored.  Yet you can’t throw milk out, that’s just awful, but if you put it in your tea you will end up with a horrible milky mess and that is even worse if you are a serious builder’s tea fanatic like me.  So, I drink the dregs from the bottle – which drives Hubby to distraction – hee hee!!!!!

Chocolate Spread is also another little bit thing.  It’s a messy business – Chocolate Spread.  Well it is according to my children.  They seem to get the stuff everywhere and then when the jar is three quarters empty they give up trying to get it out.  So, I find a multitude of nearly finished Chocolate Spread jars.  Drives me NUTS!!!

This is a thing that seems to happen all over the house – toilet rolls with 2 sheets left on, toothpaste too hard to squeeze – you get my point.  But it also happens with all the little jobs, the 10 minute jobs, the little things to remember, the things that make my lists so very, very long.

As one of them wanders through the kitchen whilst I am cooking dinner they will mention that they have a form that needs filling in for school or their Kung Fu shoes are too small or could I just check the bank account to see if such and such is paid.

Could you just phone such and such, could you sort out such and such, could you pop into town and buy such and such, could you go to the post office on your way back from the school run, could you fix the hem of those trousers, sew a button on, find that thing that was lost six months ago, and the lists go on and on.

Little bits of things, lots and lots of little bits of things. Those lots of little bits of things take up so much of my time and it’s so hard to try and remember them all, especially when you are being told them whilst cooking a meal/cleaning the toilet/mowing the lawn.  So, I have got a notepad next to my computer and have started to ask them to write things down for me.  My memory is not what it used to be.  Don’t worry I am not losing my marbles – it’s just that you can only fit in so much, before all the other stuff starts to fall out your ears!

It must be wonderful to only have one task a day.  Go to Work or School.  Then come home.  The end.  Gosh that must be nice, I am sure it would make me happy.  Or I could grow another couple of sets of arms – hmmm maybe then I could do 200 things at once instead of the 100 things I do now.

Sigh, well at least I had my minor miracle and that has made me happy.  To finish the shampoo and conditioner at the same time – I think it must mean something, it must be an omen –my life will be all calm and balanced from now on.  OOOOh how exciting!


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