I Dropped My Balls

Last week as you may know I was very ill.  I did manage to feed the children, get them to school, work and do some of the washing. But I am afraid quite a few of the other things I juggle got dropped.  I dropped my balls!!

Now I was hoping that others in the household would notice that I had dropped some balls and you know…maybe pick them up for me.  But alas as is usual, my dropped balls weren’t even noticed.  I always pick up the balls dropped by them, why, oh why can’t they pick up mine?  The moan of mothers everywhere.

So, I tried giving them some of my balls, with detailed instructions on the requirements for each of the balls.  To my utter horror though as I came out of my fever, I found those balls still lying around unloved.

This meant that along with the new weekly balls I had to juggle, I now had to add all the previous ones. And this time of year, there seem to be so many balls – bloody Christmas….bah humbug.

Luckily, I had a child and Hubby free weekend. Oh my, oh my, I cannot explain how utterly blissful this was. I made sure the house was clean, when they left – and guess what, it STAYED clean, tidy, calm and serene ALL weekend.  I know – how shocking, I should be more messy!!  I bought myself a microwave meal with a plastic fork – VOILA – no cooking or washing up. Gorgeous!!!!

20161122_184426Then I wrote a huge long list of all my balls and all possible future balls.  I love lists, but bloody hell this was a big one.

I didn’t watch TV, I didn’t sit on the couch.  I just worked my way through my list, one thing at a time in urgency priority order.

I cannot imagine how I would be coping now if I hadn’t had that opportunity of a free weekend.  But now I feel fabulous, my balls are all in order and juggling nicely.  In fact, I am a bit ahead of the game…shhhh…don’t tell anyone… I have even finished all the Christmas crap….. WOOOHOOOO!!!!


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