Bad Moon Rising

fb_img_1468871397536Sorry I didn’t post anything last week.  It was one of those weeks.  And according to Facebook, I think it was one of those weeks for lots of my friends too.  One had her car smashed into and one was so ill and her kids bickering so loud, she told them to walk to school on their own – which would have been okay, except the 10-year-old had never done it before (P.S. she made it safely 🙂 ).

Was it because of the moon – it was looking ominously full last week?  Was it because the weather is changing and it’s getting wet, cold and dark?  Was it because it is a particularly long school term?  I don’t know, but it was a crap week.

Mine had a lot to do with outside forces – building surveyors, mortgage brokers (see my last post here.)   I can cope with my own crap – but when it’s stuff that is out of my control, well that makes it so much worse.

As a working mother, I have everything balanced very precariously, everything is planned, timed and juggled within an inch of its life.  When something extra is thrown in that pile, sometimes you can just re-juggle, but sometimes it just all collapses in a panicky heap.

So some of my friends on Facebook where mentioning lots of alcohol and chocolate come Friday evening to combat their awful week.  But apart from the fact that I was stuck helping out at my Baby Girl’s disco on Friday night, with 120 screaming kids high on sugar – I’m a not a big drinker.

So what does a control freak do to make herself feel better about a crap week?  Well, she cleans, of course!  And I don’t mean a quick hoover (vacuum) and a flick of a duster.  No, I mean, an empty ALL the cupboards and drawers and wash windows type of clean. I cleaned picture frames, tackled cobwebs, cleaned skirting boards, ventured under the couch cushions – eek and washed EVERYTHING that could be washed.  You get the picture – I worked my arse off.  I was exhausted.

Then I tackled me!  I washed my hair, I shaved my legs, I gave myself a serious manicure and pedicure, and I plucked and trimmed my bushy caterpillar eyebrows.  Groomed and primped to perfection.

This week is already, can you believe it, shaping up to be worse than last – an early morning trip to the Vet’s with a geriatric hamster and a failed new recipe for dinner – thank goodness for frozen left overs and microwaves! But this week, I am ready for anything that comes my way.  Why am I able to cope this week and not last?  Well, I have clean drawers and tidy eyebrows and that means I can take on anything.  Not too sure about the week after this one, with the kids being off school and messing up my clean drawers, but this week will be a walk in the park! Bring on your worst people, I will survive this week!



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