20161005_093630This is a picture of the front wall of my house.  When Hubby put the new windows in – oh 11 years ago, he accidently knocked off some of the stone cladding and has never got around to fixing it.  I am now used to this and call him “Half a Job Bob”. But I am not writing about his incompetence and the reason I am showing you this picture is because of the very, very visible bricks.  Stick with me people, this is a convoluted story, but worth it in the end.

When we applied for a mortgage last year to do the additional building works, the mortgage company said “Yes, of course!” and we started all the legal work etc. and the builder started and pulled off our roof.  Then the mortgage people suddenly pulled the pin on the mortgage saying we were too risky, as we were self-employed.  Beside the fact that we have no other debt than our mortgage and have never ever not paid our mortgage and were only asking for a tiny amount – it was a completely nasty thing to do.  I had double checked with them, that it was okay for the builder to start.  Now I had no roof on and no way to pay to the builder.

I managed to secure a really expensive loan to pay the builder and to get us to water tight – but not complete on the interior.  Hence why I have no lights, walls and doors.

Now we are again trying to get a mortgage that will incorporate the nasty loan, our old mortgage and a bit of money to buy some lights and walls and doors.  Which will be cheaper than the nasty loan and lower our monthly outgoings and make me happy.

The mortgage people said “Yes, no problem”, legal proceedings have started and they sent around a building surveyor to see if the house is worth as much as we say. The building surveyor put in a report saying our house was built in the 1930’s and was made of poured concrete.  AND they will not mortgage houses that are poured concrete from before 1945. Well, if you remember my previous blog about the history of our house it was built in 1917  and as can obviously be seen from the front wall (right next to the front door) and our house is built from brick.

So I rang the mortgage company, they said that I would need to prove the surveyor wrong and no, a photo wouldn’t do it.  They told me to ring the council.  The council told me they don’t have records of any houses prior to World War 2.  I rang the surveyor, they said that as the mortgage company is their client not me, there was nothing I could do about it.  So I rang the mortgage company and said “THIS IS F**KING RIDICULOUS”, asked to speak to the manager and told him the surveyor was a complete incompetent numpty and to redo the survey.  Well they said they would, but as yet I haven’t heard anything.

So I know that some people think that work is just work and you just go and do it to earn money.  But if your decisions at work impact on other people, in anyway, then I think that you should take it seriously.  Because this surveyor didn’t obviously really look at the house or even google the area (lots of history pages about its being built for RAF IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR!!).  He has made my life hell with his incompetence and lack of care.

Although my job is a tiny fly speck on the huge world of science publications (I am a sort of copyeditor of science papers for journals). I take it very seriously.  I respond to all emails, even if it is just a thank you for your email, I am working on it.  I try and deal with all my papers and authors as soon as I get them – because the person on the other end of that paper may be a PhD student waiting to be published, so they can become a Dr. and get a new job and earn more money and support their family better.  Or they could be a super dedicated scientist who is trying to save the environment to save the Polar Bear population and when his paper is published it will give him more funding.  And I like Polar Bears!  Or the paper could even be a tiny, tiny step in providing a cure for some dreadful disease and if I dilly dally, then that is just awful.  So my tiny fly speck of a job impacts on other people, so I take it very seriously.

Even the people working in that popular fast food restaurant should take their jobs seriously, because that stressed out mother standing at the counter after a day of being on the phone dealing with incompetent people with 2 grumpy children beside her needs those chicken nuggets and chips otherwise she is either going to break down and cry and make a big fuss or go home and lock herself in the bathroom and never come out.

So please people, take your jobs seriously, whatever job that is and think about how your attitude and decisions will impact the people you are dealing with – otherwise you will find me permanently locked in the bathroom. And I am not kidding.


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