Scary Social Media and Kids

20160906_112639_resizedMy complicated little boy is turning 13 soon – shocking for one as youthful as me I know – hahaha!

So he, according to most social media platforms, is allowed to log on and load up!

I am trying to get ahead of the game and have joined and downloaded various apps – just to see what they are all about.  I am quite technically savvy, but have never felt the need for multiple apps before.  I really just don’t have the time; Facebook is enough for me.

Anyway after consulting the guru in the family (Gorgeous 15-year-old niece), I went and had a look.  Sigh, do I really have to do all this???  The answer is yes; I need to be aware what the kids are getting up to.

I am not really concerned about my complicated little boy – he is really not interested and is such a geek, only his geek friends are going to comment.  But I do need to keep a distant eye on him, just in case.

It’s my baby girl that is freaking me out and the reason I need to become a social media specialist – oh boy, is she going to cause some trouble, bless her cotton socks.

So after a weekend of review, I have come up with some rules.

  1. Mobile phone will be bought the summer before starting senior school and it will have a tracking app that allows Mummy to see where children are at all times. If this app is turned off – then all technology will be removed for a period of time.
  2. Social Media (apps specified by Mummy) are only allowed at 13 years of age. Mummy will be checking mobile phones regularly and if this is disobeyed then all technology will be removed for a period of time and Mummy will shout lots.
  3. All Social Media accounts must include friendship to Mummy and Daddy. If it is found that parents are blocked and cannot see posts or comments, then technology will be removed and children shall be locked in the cupboard (well maybe just grounded, but some form of punishment).
  4. If it is found that nasty comments are being said by others – those people will be removed permanently from friends list. WORSE – if nasty comments are being said by children, then technology will be removed and Mummy will shout, lock children in the cupboard and make children clean the house.
  5. At no time will personal details be given to ANYBODY – no addresses, phone numbers etc. etc. There will be NO accepting friendships from complete strangers. And there will be NO organising to meet people AT ALL EVER.  Breach of this will involve home jail time – never being allowed out EVER!
  6. Children will listen and participate in conversations of internet safety and internet etiquette – often and randomly, whenever Mummy feels the need.
  7. Children will also listen to CONSTANT advice on the fact that whatever is put on social media is there FOREVER and cannot be taken back.  Future job prospects, boyfriends/girlfriends etc. will be able to access it.  EVERY post must be considered and the future impact must be thought about.
  8. Apps allowed initially – Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler, Reddit, Twitter and WhatsApp.
  9. Snapchat is not allowed until a later age and responsibility has been proved – as there is no history, Mummy can’t keep an eye on it.

So thems the rules babies and anyone breaking Mummy’s rules are in SOOOOOOOOOO much trouble!

Feel like I am going to war and the thought of spending evenings checking everything is making me feel tired already.  Who said babies and toddlers were hard work – well I officially declare Teenagers are the worst!


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