Going Home


Miss me????

Sorry I haven’t written for awhile, been on a trip home to Australia, to see my family and friends and it was a busy, busy time.

It was lovely being home.  It is a beautiful, beautiful place.  We did some amazing things – cuddled Koalas, feed Kangaroos, went on a boat amongst very large crocodiles, went out to a coral island and swum above the coral and fish, ate lots of lovely food and especially amazing sweeties.

Do I miss it?  Yes, I do.  I miss the weather, I miss the beautiful rainforest and beach life.  I miss the amazing fresh food markets and open air restaurants.

But I also miss England when I am there.  England is also a very beautiful place and I am afraid Brisbane is never going to beat London.

Am I Australian – yes most definitely.  Am I British – yes most definitely.  Having spent most of my adult life in England, there are definitely parts of me that are very British.

So although it was great to go home, it was also great to come back home – if you get what I mean.

The thing that I found the most important about our trip – was the people.  I really didn’t care what we saw or did or ate – it was the people I was with that was the best bit about Australia.

It’s the people I miss the most – heartwrenchlingly.

I am so grateful to all my friends and family for going out of their way to house us, feed us, drive us around and entertain us.  It was fabulous.

I kind of wish I could create a little town, that had English springtimes and autumns, but Australian summers and winters.  English countryside with Australian beaches.  English TV but Australian restaurants. Australian fresh food but at English prices (Australia is a very expensive place!)  Australian wide roads but at English speeds. Australian friendliness but English politeness. You get the idea – I want a mix of both.

The most important thing that I would put in my town would be all my Australian friends and family and all my English friends and family.  Then I would be happy, then I could just pop in for a cuppa and a natter anytime I wanted.  We could have big get together BBQs in the Australian summer and then go around for cosy drinks by the fire in the English autumn.  Our kids would be lifelong friends, swimming at the Australian beaches together or rambling through the English countryside.

Then life would be perfect and then I wouldn’t miss everyone so much…..


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