Packing to Go

20160723_154304I am busy packing for a trip to Australia to see my family.  It’s just me and the kids going, we are trusting Hubby to look after the garden, the dog, the hamster and to keep the house clean <insert hysterical panicked laughter here>.

Now for a list ticking, control freak like me – packing is wrought with anxiety.

For example…..

  1. Weather – I have been checking everyday what it will be like, have I got enough warm stuff? Will we actually find it cold? It’s winter there, but warmer than our summer – so confusing.
  2. I can’t just pack in one day and be finished. This drives me nuts!  I want to just do it and be done with it and tick my lists.  But of course you are still using things that can only be packed at the last minute – what if I forget at the last minute? ARGH!
  3. The washing – making sure everything is washed. Hiding it from the children, so they don’t wear it. Then been given a white t-shirt that they really want to take, but you did a white wash yesterday and you won’t have enough to do a white wash before you go, so you wear all your white clothes for the next couple of days, so you can do a white wash, because you would never ever put a white t-shirt in a dark wash – see stressed!!!!
  4. Hubby doesn’t understand what I am stressing about – he thinks you just get up on the day you leave and pack at the last minute. But all the stuff I have been buying gradually over the past few months and adding to the suitcase next to my bed – this takes planning and forethought.  Things like medication, sunscreen, presents, toiletries, holiday knickers etc. etc. – planning!!!
  5. Kids going to their suitcases and adding useless things. Or worse taking out what you have packed for them.
  6. Weight – spreading it evenly – so the kids have a bottle of whisky and a bottle of gin in their bags (presents for parents by the way, I am not a lush!)
  7. Technology makes it so much harder. The night before everything will be charging – camera battery, laptop, phones, tabs, dongles.  Then I have to make sure I enough chargers and adaptors – sigh.
  8. Daughters hand luggage consists of a neck pillow and large floppy bunny (called Floppy funnily enough!) and a large Zebra pillow. And if she thinks I will end up carrying it, she has another thing coming.
  9. I have so many pretty shoes and pretty dresses.  Do I pick the shoes first and match the dresses to them?  Or do I pick the dresses first and end up packing 20 pairs of shoes?  And how many 1950’s dresses can I take and is a red tulle petticoat too much?
  10. And what colour nail varnish do I put on? – it must match my dresses.  The decisions!!!!!

It will be fine on the way to the airport, because it will be done, it will be finished, all my lists will be ticked.  But until then, I am in a bit of a dither and have lots of lists and keep checking and rewriting my lists.  I am working 10 days straight to be able to do this holiday and stressing out in my dithering panic – so I think by the time I get on that plane I will promptly fall into a 24-hour sleep and ignore my children the whole way – so be warned anyone flying to Australia soon – we may be your worse nightmare!

When I get back (don’t expect any posts for a bit), I promise to write about why in the photo with this post, my bedroom walls seem to made of spaceship lining and my floor of woodchip – the joys of an unfinished house and DIY hell.

See you soon, my lovely ones xxxx


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