Stamping on My Children’s Dreams

holly2My baby girl wants to be famous – oh and rich.  A couple of years ago, we thought this was a phase, so pretty much ignored it.

She has not grown out of this phase and it is the topic of conversation EVERY day.  Now I am pretty strong when it comes to pester power, but it has become a little bit wearing on my soul.

It’s not that I don’t want her to become rich and famous – because that would be lovely, she could maybe pay the mortgage off.  But I don’t want my gorgeous girl to be hurt, disillusioned, and disappointed, because let’s face it, the chances are pretty slim.

This is a really, really hard thing to do as a parent.  You want to say to them to reach for the stars – but you also don’t want them to grow up as embittered adults, realising that life is actually a pretty hard slog, most of the time and the stars are usually unreachable.  It’s such a fine line.

That is why I have been trying to teach her to focus on the small good things that happen every day and to cherish the things she has already.  But I do want her to reach for the stars too – you never know she may be the one to get there.  ARGH!!!!

Well, then all the talk about being rich and famous became a bit more serious. And a bit more dangerous.  We found her trying to set up a YouTube channel.  I put a stop to that right away – she is only 10 and I’m not sure she could cope with the haters and trolls.

I suggested she wait till her teeth were fixed (sticky out front teeth) – she said that is not what a proper actress is about, it’s about your whole presence!  Oh dear – she was right.

Then the final straw was catching her filling in forms for online acting agencies (scams!)  I lost the plot.  And she lost the plot back too and screamed at me that I shouldn’t stamp on her dreams!

Well that floored me….

I felt dreadful…..

And she was right, I shouldn’t.

So with the help of a friend, we found a real modelling and acting agency that specialises in children.  We sent an email.  They sent an application form back.  She filled it all in and I sent it off.  We then got an email saying that they had received 1000’s of applications and they would get back to us.

I honestly thought that was it, we wouldn’t hear back.  But I had made the effort and felt relieved.

BUT then we heard back and she was asked to attend an audition!!  Oh my!!!  And it was the day after our huge biannual BBQ with 60 people coming and buckets of PIMMS to be drunk.  OH MY!!! But I had promised and off to London we went (with a throbbing headache it must be said!).

She had been asked to prepare a 1-minute piece off by heart.  I didn’t think she would be focused enough to do this.  But lo and behold, in two days she could rattle off, with expression, a piece from Harry Potter.  I started freaking out a bit at this point – maybe this is the right thing for her after all.

Well anyway, after 2 hours travelling, we ended up at a little theatre.  I thought it would be a massive place with 100’s of children.  But there were only 10 of them.  OH MY!!!  And off she went, without a glance back at me, a skip in her step and disappeared for an hour.

She came out glowing, bubbling and nearly floating off the floor.  She didn’t stop chattering for the whole 2-hour trip home (and yes my head was still throbbing!)  She said she wasn’t the best, but she was definitely wasn’t the worse.  She said she felt really confident and spoke clearly with lots of expression and looked everyone in the eyes.  She was really good at all the little acting exercises they asked her to do and she loved it.  OH MY!

She has said that she might not get asked to join, but she learnt heaps and wants to try again.  We haven’t heard yet back from the agency, but we have promised to keep going and look for other agencies if we have to.  She is so determined and so confident and so bloody persistence, we have no choice really and I can’t stamp on her dreams anymore, because she does deserve to reach the stars.


4 thoughts on “Stamping on My Children’s Dreams

  1. I struggle with this too. I don’t want to hold my kids back and do want them to reach for the stars. But I also want them to know it’s hard and an accomplishment in and of itself to have a “regular” life. I want them to dream and achieve but also appreciate where they are and what they have at any time is enough too. It’s a tough balance.


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