Fist Pump Moments

I am a list ticker.  I love ticking my lists.  I meticulously plan my week, allocating all my tasks, according to time taken to do task and time available.

Previously as a single, non-parent person, this was very satisfying – for example, clean kitchen – tick and it would stay like that for, oh my goodness, at least a couple of days, if not the whole week.

Now as a married with children person, obviously this feeling of satisfaction lasts at least, oh my gosh, five minutes!!!!  Because you know that whatever you have done and ticked off your list, will need doing again pretty much straight away.  Doesn’t really give me that same sense of wellbeing.

Also the fact that you need to ask things, teach things and YELL AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS things more than once, is not very satisfying.  And you know I mean ask, teach and yell a BILLION times, not just more than once.

I have resigned myself to all this, but I still insist on writing my lists and asking, teaching and yelling.  Must mean I love them.


I have started to experience a new thing.  I call them my Fist Pump Moments.  Where when no one is looking, you madly yell YES and you pump your fist excitedly in the air and feel such glee.

It has taken a long time, but those of you with young children, take note, it does get better.  Not all the time mind, just every now and again, to make it all worth it.

For example….

“Mummy I am making a ham and cheese toasty and a cappuccino, would you like me to make some for you too?”

“Oh my goodness, this bin is full and disgusting.  I am going to empty it.  Can you empty the Recycling?” (said to brother).

“Daddy, please can you put your headphones on, we are doing our homework and Mummy is working and we don’t want to listen to your terrible TV.”

ballet“Mummy, thank you for not letting me give up ballet when I wanted to, I love it now and have made such good friends and will be getting toe shoes soon.”

Me to Hubby: “Why are you mowing the lawn” (after work on a Monday).  Hubby: “Well, I have lots of things to do, and I had a spare 20 minutes, so I thought I would just get this one thing off the list!”

“I think that I should wear my hair up to school, it stays neater that way”

“I don’t dislike prawns/potato/pasta with cream”

“I am tired, I think I will go to bed early” – well that’s not happened yet, but I live in eternal hope.

These things may seem insignificant, but each time a lesson is learnt, advice is heeded, an independent helpful moment happens, it makes everything, all the yelling, all the redoing things again and again, worth it.

I am ticking things off my parent list.  I am feeling satisfied. And my sense of wellbeing is returning.


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