Messy and Complicated

adultDo I dare write about the EU referendum?  Do I dare not write about the EU referendum?

The world is messy and complicated. People are messy and complicated.

What I would like is a one world government that guaranteed freedom and safety for everyone, equality for everyone, education for everyone, medical and healthcare for everyone, clean water and sewerage systems for everyone, clean and healthy environment and a decent wage and safe working environment for everyone.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

But if I imposed that on the world it would be near communism.  And as we have seen communism doesn’t work, because the world and people are messy and complicated.

If I imposed that on the world, some people might disagree with the things I want and imposing it on them would take away their freedom – see even more messy and complicated.

And don’t forget the cultural differences – the things I want, mightn’t suit certain cultures.  Yes, messy and complicated.

Does democracy work?  Well not all the time – see notes above about people being messy and complicated.  But it is the most enduring of systems we have.  Are some people liars, misinformed and biased – yes, they are particularly messy and complicated.

So now we have, what we have and it’s all a bit of a mess.  The saddest thing is the anger, lots and lots of anger and nastiness.  Now I wouldn’t take away people’s right to be angry, but I must admit I have stopped reading it all.  I am heartbroken about the violence and if I see any of it, I shall be calling the Police immediately.

So what am I doing.  I am hoping that an adultier adult is going to step up to the plate.  I am hoping common sense prevails and I am teaching my children to be broadminded, informed and kind, because I don’t want them to ever have to deal with this in their lifetime.

And I am being kind and supportive to all the people I can.  We need some kindness, lots of kindness – because life is messy and complicated and we need each other to survive it.


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