The Rug Dilemma

I was vacuuming my rug in the lounge.  I hate this rug.  It has burn holes from the fire and it is covered with paint, glue, glitter and goodness knows what else.  It makes my skin crawl, no matter how well I clean it.


We have a party coming up and I’m a bit embarrassed by this rug.  So I decided to see if I could get a new one.  One thing I do to cope with living in a building site is to keep everything as clean and tidy as I can and I just pretend that there aren’t holes in the ceilings and walls.  An easy way to do this is to have the curtains, cushions, rugs etc. clean, fresh and bright.

I bought 2 rugs off the internet (intending to send one back) – One big and on medium.  Lovely soft, fluffy, luxurious rugs, that just happened to be in the sale.

I put them on the floor, now the big one was an immediate fail – too big.  And the medium one just didn’t look right.  I went into a panicked moment of indecision, so I asked my friends on Facebook what they thought.

Bless their cotton socks – love them. Lots of comments and ideas.  One notable one, was I needed to get rid of the crappy coffee table.

And I agree with them, it is a crappy coffee table.  In fact it’s not even a coffee table, it’s an old breakfast dining table that someone gave us years ago, that we chopped the legs off and painted.

Now in my dreams, I want my lounge to be like this – slightly retro with light delicate furniture, but alas that’s not going to happen anytime soon, because I have children.


The kids use that crappy coffee table to paint, glue and glitter.  Baby girl stands on it, to look in the mirror and pose.  The dog sits on it to see out the window, when he is waiting for the kids to come home.  Hubby puts his feet on it, at the end of the day.

So I am afraid that crappy coffee table has to stay, at least for a while.  And therefore there is no point in getting a new rug – so I sent them both back.

Instead I am going to take the old rug outside and scrub the bejesus out of it and put off my dreams of soft luxury, until the children have stopped making a mess and the building work is further along.  So that will be in about 20 years then – <Insert hysterical, maniacal laughter>


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