I Hate Food

20160614_185120_resizedYes, I do – I can’t stand the stuff.  Not in a problem way, don’t worry about me fading away to nothing, it’s just I can’t really be bothered with it all.

It really doesn’t matter what food I eat; I am not fussed.  I know I have to eat, and after having kids, I am better at ensuring I eat correctly, at the right times.

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy nice food, especially at a restaurant with lovely friends.  But that is more about the lovely friends and the fact that I didn’t have to cook.

If you told me I couldn’t sew, garden or read anymore, then I would stab you with a fork. But if you told me that I could only have a small pill 3 times a day instead of food and it would provide me with all my nutritional needs, then I would be quite happy.

In fact, if someone invents that option I would be delighted to give that to my family 3 times a day and I wouldn’t feel any guilt about depriving them.

Why, you may ask?  Well, when it comes to food the three other members of my house are the most ungrateful bunch of ***** ever!!

The first thing they ask in the morning?  “What’s for dinner, Mum?”  And that’s when the moaning and whining starts.  I have one lovely friend who refuses to answer this question to her 4 kids, as she knows at least one of them will complain!

Planning a weekly menu on a budget, shopping for all the food required for the week’s menu, preparing and cooking the meals and cleaning up after the meals are my most dreaded things.  I would rather clean toilets – seriously!

Especially as all 3 of them moan, most of it ends up in the bin or I am sure in the dog’s belly.

So I had a bit of a flip out the other day and asked why am I the one doing all of this.  I work as much as Hubby and earn as much as Hubby, so why am I the one doing ALL the food – especially when I hate it so much.

So I have asked that Hubby takes on one night a week.  Now you mightn’t think this is much, but the poor man can’t cook – at all.  He can BBQ like a king, but put him in the kitchen and it all goes horribly wrong.

The kids’ faces when they heard this, was priceless!!  Maybe they will appreciate my cooking more.  I told Hubby – he is to plan, shop, cook and clean for one night a week.  I do not want to know about it, discuss it or even think about it.

So far he has done ok.  McDonalds one night, pizza the next and chicken pieces with spinach the following.  The kids loved the first 2 times, but the third, they hit the roof!  Spinach!!!  I just told them to direct their angst to daddy, as it was not my problem.

Oh my, this is going to be fun, why didn’t I do this years ago.  Wait till I demand 2 nights a week – hahahahahahahaha


2 thoughts on “I Hate Food

  1. Oh Fiona, would it help to know your are not alone? OMG, my tummy hurts reading this one. i too also hit the roof, a few times before the message got through. I had Tayla cooking at age 12, once a week. Leon only knew 2 meals, sticky chicken wings and bacon and egg pie but i took it and then Jamie Oliver came to my tv screen with 15 minute meals, that got Leon’s interest and the ipad gave them the recipe and albeit a few years down the track now, I cook bugger all and my toilet sparkles, lol. Stand strong girl, i even settle for baked beans or cheese on toast with a can of tomato soup, long as i dont have to do it.


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