I Want Plugs!

Our house was built in 1917.  It was built in a hurry by Prisoners of War for the RAF Pilots.  Our road runs parallel to the Farnborough Airport runway.  It was also built at a time when there were shortages of everything.  So some of our walls aren’t really brick – more like rubble with cement.

But never the less it is a solid, solid house.  The ceilings are all divided up into squares – to ensure that if the house was bombed, the ceilings would come down in pieces instead of a whole heavy block, to hopeful save the people trapped inside.

When they built it, the toilet was in the back garden and the hot water was heated by a back burner in the front room fireplace, which we still have (but don’t use obviously).  We even still have the original coal bunker outside.  And we have the original Dress Uniform cupboard – very shallow with a shelf for the hat.  I love it.

But alas at the time Electricity wasn’t an option.  So this was added at a later date, by some complete NUMPTY!

We are now in the process of having to rewire our whole house to pass current regulations.  And we have found some scary, scary things.  The old electric heater in the old bathroom was hooked up with ceiling light wire.  Hubby, thinking he had disconnected the right things, proceed to cut the wire and went flying across the room with a large bang!  Then one light was connected up with very thin bell wire!  Frightening!

So at the moment we have no ceiling lights upstairs and are using little lamps connected to the wall plugs.  The bathroom has no plugs to enable any lamps, you have to bath with the door open, so you can access the light from the hallway.  Plus, there is a sparsity of plugs throughout the house.

When they originally wired it, the amount of electrical appliances they had, was a lot less than what is required in the present day.  Our kitchen is the most up to date room in the house at about 4 years old and even now it has become out of date in the amount of required plugs.

With this rewire of the house, I am getting quadruple plugs everywhere.  Why am I becoming so pedantic about plugs you ask?

20160302_223236_resizedWell, every evening my kitchen is taken over by technology. Every surface is covered in things charging.  Phones, Tablets, Camera, Laptops, Dongles and Power drills.  God forbid if I wanted to actually cook anything.

When we eventually do the extension out the back and change the kitchen, I have requested a whole cupboard that has 8 x internal sockets, so I can close them all away and pretend that our life isn’t ruled by all these gadgets.

Speaking of gadgets, I have just today purchased 6 travel adaptors for our up and coming trip to Australia.  I was muttering as I handed over my money, “In my day we sent postcards, wrote in a travel diaries and were completely uncontactable!”  Sigh, feeling old………


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