Viral Kindness


Social Media – is it a curse or a blessing?  There is a lot of stuff out in the wonderful world of the internet that is negative, nasty, incorrect and horrifying.  There are a lot of angry people that have now got a way to express themselves freely – the haters, the trolls and the stalkers.

But I like Social Media – because there are some wonderful things that come across too.  And in reality there have always been angry nastiness out there, we just have more access to it and we can always just not read that tweet, post, blog etc.

One of the beautiful things that I have seen happening is people thanking “kindness.” On the weekend I noticed a Facebook post from a someone about a very kind supermarket assistant that helped calm her two autistic girls, when they had a melt down at the cashier.

Now my kids aren’t autistic and I can remember them having meltdowns at the cashier and even now they are older they still whine like anything.  So I cannot imagine what it would be like with extra special kids!  So bless Lin from Morrison’s in Basingstoke – see BBC News article.

Apparently this post went viral – all over the world.  Lin’s boss saw it and posted “That’s my Lin!!!”  How cool is that.  It was so nice seeing what everyone wrote and it just made me smile and made me happy and even made me hopeful.

So why do I think this is so cool and other stories like it?  Because before Social Media, that lovely mum would have just gone home and maybe told a couple of her friends and maybe she might have made a special trip in to the supermarket to tell Lin’s boss, if she had the time.  But in reality the lovely act of human kindness would have gone unnoticed.  Social Media though has made “Kindness” a thing to do, a thing to be praised and a thing to be recognised.

The mum felt good because of what Lin did, Lin felt good because she is just super nice, her children felt good because someone was kind.  But now we can feel nice from reading the post, her boss can feel nice from knowing he has brilliant staff and most, most importantly Lin gets recognised and rewarded.  I think this is great and the most important bit – recognition for being great at her job and a super nice person.

I can only see this as something we need to pursue. If a lovely in lady in Basingstoke can go worldwide, surely it would encourage other people to be nice and kind, knowing that they will be recognised and rewarded.

So I am determined that if someone goes out of their way for me, I am going to take a photo and post it.  And I think we should all try make the world go “Virally Kind”, madly spreading everywhere!  Now wouldn’t that just be lovely?


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