I Love British Weather

Collage 2016-05-08 21_42_04_resizedI was planning a bit of a moaning post about the division of labour, but today was so beautiful, I couldn’t finish it.

So most of the people who know me would be shaking their head at the title of this post.  I am known for my nearly year long outfit of a coat, ugg boots and thermal vests!! As an Australian living in Britain for a combined 21 years (OH MY HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG!) I have never and will never get used to the cold.

I have adapted my life to be able to manage my exposure to the cold.  I wear the appropriate clothes – as mentioned above coat, uggs and vests – but also lots and lots of layers.  I work from home, which enables me to put the heating on full and have no co-workers opening windows and I don’t have to stand on windy cold train platforms to commute.  If some quaint British person suggests we go on a lovely brisk walk in the bracing weather – I have learnt to politely decline.  I avoid standing outside in the cold weather as much as possible.

But when Britain does weather properly, oh my, it can be the most beautiful place.  When it snows, the place is transformed to a glittering, pristine wonderland.  As a girl from the tropics, it is still a bewildering and magical thing.  I have even been known to venture out in it – not for long mind, I prefer sitting by the open fire, looking out at the loveliness.

When autumn comes along and I am scurrying from home to school and back – the colours of the trees and the piles of leaves scattering the footpaths are lovely to behold – from inside my car or out my lounge room window.

And spring – oh the joy, the crocus’s and daffodils bursting from the barren garden beds.  They make me smile as I open the curtains every morning.  They bring hope that the long, long, long cold winter is going.

Because when you get a day like we had today, that long, long, long cold winter was worth it.  When Britain does a hot, sunny, blue sky day – oh my oh my oh my.

It is like winning a prize, or getting a medal for surviving the cold.  I love how everyone rushes outside and bright red noses and shoulders can be seen glowing on the previously blueish white skin.  Everyone seems so surprised that the sun is out and that it is hot.  Everyone gets a bit silly, happy and delirious – it’s great.

I rang my mother this morning – Australian mother’s day – and she was complaining about the 30-degree heat – but the British were running around in pure joy at the 22-degree heat – sitting in it and soaking it up.  I didn’t do anything I was meant to do today, I sat outside and even the kids abandoned their technology and joined me and we just sat smiling at each other.  It was fab!

See that is the difference – when you have hot weather and blue sky’s all the time, it becomes unseen.  But when it is so rare – then every second of it must be used and every sunray soaked up.  It is a gift and a joy.  That is why British weather is so fabulous – when it’s good – it is gorgeous and everyone rejoices in it.  And I like that.






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