Memories on a String

Collage 2016-05-02 14_19_10During all the building that is going on in our house, I am constantly moving things about, depending on which room Hubby is demolishing at the time.  I am being very strict with what we are keeping, it’s no point in putting things back into the house, planning storage, if we are never going to use it again.

This weekend I went through our linen cupboard and found some old bedsheets and curtains that we had when we first bought the house.  I also went through my 4 huge bags of material scraps.  I am trying to be very practical, but I stood looking at the piles and couldn’t quite throw them out.

The sheets and curtains were from the first week we moved into our first ever home and reminded me of lots of Sunday morning cuddles with the four of us, bedtime stories and mother’s day breakfasts in bed.  The scraps of material, although not big enough to make anything, were from dresses I had made to wear to lovely friend’s weddings or was Laura Ashley fabric.  Now I just can’t put Laura Ashley in the bin – that would be sacrilege.

I started thinking patchwork quilts.  But that is a huge time consuming thing and to be honest not really my look, plus the kids already had quilts made by their grandma.

Sigh, what to do.

Then I was inspired. Bunting.  I love bunting and we are having a huge BBQ this summer and it would look fab draped all along the fences.

Firstly, I got cheap cotton tapping and some pinking scissors (zig zag edge).  I cut myself a triangle out of cardboard and started cutting lots and lots of triangles.  Now if you were really keen, you could make them bigger and hem them neatly, but I was making 50 meters of bunting and it would have taken me forever.

Second, sort into some sort of pattern, so they alternate.  And finally zigzag stich onto the cotton tape.  Borrow someone’s sewing machine if you have to and ask them to set the machine to zigzag, really easy.  Or you could do as my son suggested and staple them on – he’s such a boy.

And ta da!!!!!!  So chuffed.

You could even do this with old baby clothes and put it up in their rooms.  Or even with paper – paper sews really easily.  Maybe all the kid’s artwork that you can’t bear to throw away, or pretty wrapping paper or birthday cards.  Maybe even photos – for a 21st birthday or wedding anniversary.  The ideas are endless and I am thinking I will be able to bunt the whole neighbourhood if I continue.

Now I know because I didn’t hem the triangles that the bunting will not last forever, especially with the large possibility of rain for our BBQ – this is England after all. But I will be able to look at my memories just for a bit more, before I am ready to let them go…..


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