And the magic begins…

20160418_182047_resizedI have gifted my children with some awful things.  Not on purpose, you understand, but boy did they get some tragic traits.

  • Micro thin, limp, mousey hair
  • Sticky out teeth, with a small receding chin
  • Terrible, terrible handwriting
  • Anxiety and Allergies
  • Clumsiness
  • A weird little toe

Well, I could go on, but then I might feel like crying.

But I have and can give them many cool things, so I am not going to dwell on the above.

  • An Australian passport, as well as their British ones.
  • The probability that dieting will not be in their future.
  • An intense desire to see the rest of the world – all of it!
  • Love of Thai food – well one does, the other one refuses to leave the chicken nugget stage.
  • How to bake a cake from scratch.
  • How to swear properly and at appropriate times – shocking I know, but a discussion that must be had with all verging adolescents.
  • An affinity with technology – not like their Dad, who for some reason makes anything technological explode on sight.
  • And …. HOW TO SEW!

Knowing how to sew is something that I feel from the bottom of my heart is so very, very important.  And yes, I even mean my complicated little boy – who came home from his first textiles class at Senior School saying: “Nobody knew how to thread a sewing machine, mummy!”  His little, shocked face is a picture that I will remember to my dying day.

Will they go on to make their own clothes, like I do? It doesn’t matter, but they will be able to mend things, sew buttons on, take up hems, alter clothes, make curtains and cushions for their first flats.  The will be able to look at a piece of clothing and know if it’s made well and/or how they can change it to add their own flair.  Their world will be a lot wider, cheaper and so much more imaginative for their ability to sew.

And I can give them that.


2 thoughts on “And the magic begins…

  1. the unwitting gifts, you have bestowed, that follow your progeny through their lives and raise a smile as they cherish the memories that the actions give rise are the gifts that will outlast at all that can be wrought or bought.
    thanks for the card we cherish them.


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