I am feeling a bit “writing exhausted” after my four pieces on My Complicated Little Boy.  And have been struggling to come up with something to write.  Feeling a bit empty…  So instead I am going to have a BIG OLD MOAN!

I had a little lie in on Sunday, thought I deserved it.  Didn’t get out of bed till 9.00 – I know, how naughty – to think as a student I could barely make the 1.00 lectures.

I got up and headed to the bathroom, feeling all sleepy and relaxed. First I picked up the clothes from the floor, that didn’t quite make it into the laundry basket.  Then I rehung the towel, that must have jumped off the rail and then I went for a wee.

20160412_171750_resizedEMPTY toilet roll!!!

The little basket I keep behind the toilet for 2 spare rolls, was also empty.  There had been 3 previous opportunities for the other household members to get some toilet paper out of the cupboard.  HMPF…


Went to brush my teeth.  Someone had opened another toothpaste, as it is obviously too hard to get toothpaste out of the half empty one.  HMPF….

Then I proceed to find 1 x empty hand soap bottle, 1 empty bubble bath bottle and 2 x empty shampoo containers.

By the time I had made it downstairs, I was quietly simmering.

Went to make myself some cereal and a cup of tea.  Yes, you guessed it…. empty cereal packet and no teabags in the tea caddy.


I had a cup of tea and toast…. obviously not cereal, then I flung the kitchen cupboards open.

  • Empty multipack crisp packets
  • More empty cereal packets
  • Empty butter tub
  • Milk bottle with a dribble in – not even enough for a cup of tea
  • Biscuit packets galore with 1 x half a biscuit in
  • Empty breadstick box
  • 3 x bread bags with just the crusts in
  • 2 x jam jars with a smear left
  • 6 – yes 6 open chocolate spread jars
  • Open packet of popcorn kernels lying on its side, so when I picked it up, kernels went all in the cupboard and over the floor.

The other members of the household kept popping their heads round the kitchen door and I hysterically shouted at them “EMPTY…….”

No wonder my shopping lists always seem to miss things, because I presume from the packets in the cupboards, that we have adequate stocks.

From now on if I hear a complaint that they have run out of something – I will just say “Empty….” very, very loudly and with a slight insane look in my eye!


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