Too Much Information Tuesdays

As a lady that has reached a certain period in her life (old!) and whose eyesight isn’t what it was, I have noticed certain things have become a lot more complicated than they used to be.

This is not just because of the eyesight, but also because of time. Finding that little bit of time to actually do something for myself is often way down on the priority list.  But also finding a little bit of time when you won’t be interrupted is near on impossible – a normal parental problem.

I have one particular task that has become so very, very difficult. So much so that I have had to buy new equipment and also allocate my precious time wisely.

eyebrowsPlucking my eyebrows….

Such a simple thing when I was younger.  It has now become a near military operation.

Children in front of TV with popcorn – check.

Magnifying mirror – check.

Good lighting – check.

Glasses – check.

New sharp tweezers – check.

Brush and scissors – check.

When I put my glasses on and look in the magnifying mirror, I nearly faint in shock.  Have I been walking around all week looking like that?!?!!!!!  Where did all those hairs come from?!?!! Hair never used to grow there before – EEEK!!!

All I am hoping is that all my friends who see me – are also at that age when glasses have become a necessity and can’t see the random freak hairs straggling from my eyebrows.  Or love me anyway, even if I seem to have large prickly caterpillars walking across my forehead.


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