I Am Back


My name is Fiona and I used to be a blogger.

I have been blog free for a couple of years now.

But I have fallen off the wagon and am going to dump all my thoughts, emotions, failings and triumphs on you again.

My previous blog “Budgetmummy” no longer exists as the site closed down.  It was very successful and I even earned a bit of money from it.  But it became a bit of a chore to follow the theme and I was writing things I didn’t believe in for money.

So my promises for you on this blog:

  • It will have a completely random theme, whatever is going on in my head and life at the time.
  • It will be when I want, maybe every week, maybe not – life is hectic!
  • I will not write things I don’t believe in for money – unless someone offers to pay my mortgage off, then I will write anything they damn well want!
  • Some issues that may come up will be: living in a permanent building site, motherhood, the mystery of a husband’s mind, and just the oddness that is life.

So join me and welcome aboard the mess that is my life.

love me xxx


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